What is Pastured Poultry?

written by

Greg Crosby

posted on

September 8, 2022

Pasture raised animals are better in every aspect. The land. The animal. The people.

Pastured birds live their lives on fresh vegetative pastures where they are free to forage, scratch, and peck. They are housed in what's called a chicken tractor. This allows them to have their own piece of pasture safe from predators. Morning Dew Pastures chickens are moved every day of the week to allow them to be on fresh grass.

Pastured poultry tends to be more hearty, therefore reducing the need for any type of antibiotic and medication. However, here at Morning Dew Pastures, we never give our chickens any antibiotics or additives. Our chickens live a happy, healthy, and natural life.

Since the birds are moved everyday, they never spend too long on one part of the pasture. This helps to prevent overgrazing and loss of nutrients. Moving the birds gives the grass a chance to revitalize itself and for the manure to enrich the soil.

You are what you eat! Why not feed yourself something that is naturally higher in protein, collagen, and vitamins? According to the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association "pasture-raised chicken meat tends to be higher in iron, higher in Omega 3, have a lower Omega 6:3 ratio, and be higher in antioxidants (Vitamin E, for example)."

Still unsure? Visit Morning Dew Pastures at our farm store or the farmers market to pick something up and try it for yourself. If you aren't within driving distance, don't worry, we can ship to you!

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